Current Obsession: iPhone & Instagram

Blackberry or iPhone? iPhone or Blackberry? It’s a question which whizzes through each and one of our hectic heads. We can’t deny it. We are obsessed with BBM and can’t bare the thought of leaving it behind. Those with an iPhone try convincing us, but we can’t be convinced.

Making the switch from Blackberry to iPhone was a switch I thought I’d never make. Thankfully though, I’m glad to say I did. Constantly worried about what I’d do without BBM if I were to switch, was truly an unnecessary worry. So, yes, if you’re contract is nearing an end and you’re unsure whether you should stick to the status quo or change things up a bit – I recommend changing things up. Get an iPhone!

It’s such a fun phone which enables you to do so much. My favourite app and current obsession is: Instagram. Whether you’re friends have been using it or you’ve seen celebrities sharing their cool snaps through twitter – I’m sure you’ve all heard of it. But, if you haven’t and you have an iPhone I highly advise you to go get it. Now!

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2 Responses to Current Obsession: iPhone & Instagram

  1. Mayoush says:

    I haven’t used it yet but will do! Thanks for pointing it out.

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