Currently Obsessed: Isabel Marant Sneakers

I am currently in love with these Isabel Marant wedged sneakers. From celebrities to fashion mavens, everyone owns a different model of this shoe – whether they are the velcro high tops or the lower lace ups. Not only will these shoes complete an outfit, but they are extremely comfortable (perfect for shopping around NYC ;) ) The hidden wedge inside the shoe makes this shoe a perfect mix for a girl who loves a fresh pair of Nikes as well as a beautiful pair of wedges. If that’s the case, then these are most definitely for YOU. If you were able to snag a pair of these before they completely sold out (literally) EVERYWHERE – you are extremely lucky! I’m super excited to see the upcoming variations of these must-have sneakers!

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8 Responses to Currently Obsessed: Isabel Marant Sneakers

  1. Saz says:

    I too am obsessed with these trainers!!!!!!! They are so fun and make your legs seem so much longer :) and you are so right , so perfect for shopping around NYC….or London! Xxxxo

  2. Mayoush says:

    I love them! And they are very comfortable. I am so so excited to see the new collection like you!

  3. Jess says:

    Love them!! Can’t wait to see the other colours/variations that they come in. You must do a post about the new collection!! xxxx

  4. Anna Rose says:

    Sneakers can be so great- They can add an edgy look to any outfit without taking too much attention away from anything else! : )

    xx Anna Rose

  5. Ayla says:

    Trying to get my hand on a pair, they’re amazing!!

  6. NR says:

    I’m also trying to get my hand on a pair. The other day I saw the Steve Madden ones but they don’t even compare to the real thing!! Can’t wait for her summer collection! xoxo

  7. Sue says:

    Oh, these are gorgeous shoes – that look so comfortable too! Can older women like me get away with wearing them too? Not that I could ever actually get hold of them, it seems!!

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