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Due to experience, I know how hard it is for one to go out with friends when trying to eat healthily. Although one most certainly needs a lot of will power in order to maintain their “good food” streak, one must also realise that there are always alternative options. You have to look carefully, read labels and be creative in order to stay on it, but you have to enjoy yourself at the same time! Starbucks for example, (the London one, at least) sells these incredible gluten-free chocolate brownies…I can guarantee that there is absolutely no difference in taste, but is a thousand times better for you than a flour infested one!

Over the past year, especially in my life/social circle, Bubble Tea has been the new “it” drink. I totally get it, considering how flavourful it is, but at the same time I get how unhealthy the actual liquid content of it is. The tapioca balls (aka the “bubbles”) on the other hand, are completely fine as they are in fact vegetables. Anyway, with all the added powders and sugars, I knew that I couldn’t continually drink this drink, but at the same time I absolutely wasn’t going to give it up, so my best friend and I knew we needed to get creative. We began ordering jasmine, with no cream and no sugar, ultimately being just plain cold jasmine tea with double tapioca!

It’s delicious, it’s satisfying, and the tapioca balls make it just sweet enough. When deserving of a treat, add an extra topping and it’s absolutely perfect!

I urge anyone who is trying to change their eating habits to just get creative and know that there are ways of staying healthy without over indulging, or indulging in the wrong things. Order jasmine with no cream, no sugar with double tapioca next time you go to Bubbleology (where I usually get mine) and leave a comment letting me know your thoughts.

(PS My favourite places to get Bubble Tea from, in London are Bubbleology and Chatime).

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4 Responses to Know how & what to pick: Bubble Tea

  1. Mayoush says:

    Love it!!!! Well done on the new look of your blog!

  2. Saz says:

    I love this!! Bubble tea is incredible and my faveee – I’ll go to chatime next time.

  3. Ayzo says:

    Bubbletea’s my absolute fave! So excited to try chatimeee!

  4. carla1993 says:

    I tried your jasmine/tapioca invention and it was amazing!! Thanks for the idea and keep posting new ones!

    Love the new look blog!

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